Stay Active on Twitter While Staying Focused On Your Projects

Our team of ghostwriters craft tailored tweets based on your ideas, thoughts, and expertise.

How does it work?

No matter what you choose, creating your Twitter content will require minimal effort on your side.

Option 1: Content → Tweets

  • If you already have existing content (books, blog posts, podcasts, emails, todo lists, ...), you can simply submit a list with information on where to find it.

  • We will then go through them, find the best parts and turn them into value-driven tweets.

Option 2: Thoughts → Tweets

  • We provide you with a list of questions and prompts that you can answer either in written, audio, or video form.

  • As soon as we have your answers, we start crafting tweets that concisely cover your best ideas, thoughts, and recommendations.

What if you didn't have to decide between building your business and building an audience?

👈 Rob is right. Having an engaged audience is always a huge advantage. But let's be honest. Who really has the time to write tweets every day?

Even if it might only take a few minutes to write a tweet, the cost of context switching is huge. Having to publish content regularly can be extremely stressful.

And, of course, it takes months to learn how to write great tweets.*

* This reminds me of the great story about a woman who approached Picasso in a restaurant and asked him “could you sketch something for me? I’ll pay you for it. Name your price.”. So Picasso complied, quickly sketched something and then said, okay, that will be $10,000. And the woman just stares at him and says, but you did that in 30 seconds. Picasso just stuffs the sketch into his jacket pocket and says “You are wrong,” “It took me 40 years.

No worries, we are not so delusional to believe that our tweets are even remotely comparable to Picasso's art.

Who's using it?

Most of our customers understandably prefer if we don't share their names. But Jim was kind enough to share a few thoughts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Don't see what you want to ask here? Just shoot us a DM on Twitter.

So... you're a social media agency?

Not quite.

Hiring an agency to handle their social media accounts has of course a long tradition among the rich and famous.

However, there are two major problems with the traditional done-for-you social media agency model:

  • Most people can't afford to pay thousands of dollars per month.

  • You have to hand over full control over your accounts which can lead to all kinds of uncomfortable situations.

Hence we decided to offer done-with-you services instead. This not only allows to make them a lot more affordable, but also means thatyou retain full control over your Twitter account.

We just deliver tweets, the rest is up to you.

Who's behind it?


Content → Tweets

  • 30 handcrafted tweets based on your existing content (blog posts, podcasts, ...)

  • $149

  • 100% money-back guarantee

Thoughts → Tweets

  • 30 handcrafted tweets based on your answers to a series of questions and prompts

  • $199

  • 100% money-back guarantee

Topic → Tweets

  • 30 tweets handcrafted from scratch according to your specifications

  • $249

  • 100% money-back guarantee

Content → Thread

  • We translate the highlights of one piece of content into a Twitter thread (~10 tweets).

  • $59

  • 100% money-back guarantee

Notes → Thread

  • We translate your notes and ideas into a Twitter thread (~10 tweets).

  • $79

  • 100% money-back guarantee


  • Our experts will help you develop and execute a Twitter strategy.

  • 100% tailored to your needs

  • 100% money-back guarantee

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