Stay Active on Twitter While Staying Focused On Your Projects

Our team of ghostwriters craft tailored tweets based on your ideas, thoughts, and expertise.

Having an engaged audience is always a huge advantage. But let's be honest. Who really has the time to write tweets every day?

Even if it might only take a few minutes to write a tweet, the cost of context switching is huge. Having to publish content regularly can be stressful and most people simply end up not doing it.

Moreover, it takes months to learn how to write great tweets.

How does it work?

  • In just one hour of your time per month, we fulfill all your Twitter content needs.

  • Each month, we start with a strategy consulting call. During this call we evaluate your profile and together develop a content strategy based on your specific goals.

  • Next we craft tweets that perfectly match your voice based on your ideas, thoughts, and existing content. This is 100% done by us and requires zero investment of your time.

  • Once the tweets are ready, you'll receive a short notification and will be able to put them into your content queue using the Twitter tool of your choice.

Who's using it?

Most of our customers understandably prefer if we don't share their names. But Jim was kind enough to share a few thoughts.

So... you're a social media agency?

Not quite.

Hiring an agency to handle their social media accounts has of course a long tradition among the rich and famous.

However, there are two major problems with the traditional done-for-you social media agency model:

  • Most people can't afford to pay thousands of dollars per month.

  • You have to hand over full control over your accounts which can lead to all kinds of uncomfortable situations.

Hence we decided to offer done-with-you services instead. This not only allows to make them a lot more affordable, but also means that you retain full control over your Twitter account.

We deliver tweets, the rest is up to you.

Who's behind it?

Meet the Tweets on Demand Team

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